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If Juicing Doesn't Work For You...

Hey there lovely!!

I hear ya.. you are trying to do all of the right things for your body, you've tried juicing and it doesn't seem to be working for you!  You aren't feeling the vitality you expected or you aren't losing the weight you wanted.  Perhaps a medical condition isn't healing as fast as you'd like.  

Don't worry.  I sometimes hear this and I wanted to offer you some tools to help you to get the maximum benefits possible from the fruits and vegetables you consume.

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My Favorite Protein Shakes

Here in Dr. Kyia’s household, we have a few staples for protein shakes.  Over the years, I have gone from Whey based protein to plant based protein and everything in between.  I am REALLY picky about the taste and texture of my shakes as well, so I thought I’d break down my mainstays and what we use each for.  I will also outline the different types of protein shakes and the benefits of each.

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