My Favorite Protein Shakes


Here in Dr. Kyia’s household, we have a few staples for protein shakes.  Over the years, I have gone from Whey based protein to plant based protein and everything in between.  I am REALLY picky about the taste and texture of my shakes as well, so I thought I’d break down my mainstays and what we use each for.  I will also outline the different types of protein shakes and the benefits of each.

I used to use Whey based shakes, but because I have a dairy sensitivity (and a LOT of you do without knowing), I have switched to only plant and paleo based protein shakes.  Whey-based shakes are great for athletes, those who are looking to build muscle, and those who do NOT have a dairy sensitivity.  Whey is typically easily digestible, helps with muscle development and recovery and makes a really frothy, yummy shake.  Whey shakes tend to have more protein per serving as well so you don’t need much.  They mix well with just about anything you add in.  If you find that you are getting gas, bloating, skin breakouts or are not losing weight with Whey shakes, you may want to switch to a plant based protein and/or get food sensitivity testing done.

When it comes to plant based protein, my favorites include Vega-One and Shakeology Vegan.  I call both of these “cheat” shakes.  In addition to having up to 20 grams of protein per scoop, they pack in multivitamins, Omega-3’s, a vegetable and fruit blend, and probiotics.  It literally is a nutrient dense meal in a shake.  Since most people don’t get enough vegetables, vitamins, and minerals, I recommend these shakes, especially if you are finding it hard to eat healthy on the run.  They are fast, mix well with anything, and taste great on their own.

Next up is Designs for Health Pure Paleo.  This shake is made from hydrolyzed beef protein and thus far, is one of the least allergenic shakes on the market right now.  It packs a ton of protein per serving, is easy to digest, and mixes well with everything.  This is the main protein that I use in my baking.  I also use this to make decadent hot chocolate, mocha’s and other warm drinks.  The collagen protein helps to lubricate joints, heal the gut, and plump the skin.

Drop me a line to let me know what protein shake is your go-to and why?  I’d love to hear it!

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