Why All Protein Powders Are NOT Created Equally


Let’s face it.  You’re trying to be healthier, you want to feel better, but there are SOO many choices out there, what’s a person to do sometimes??

You may have even taken my recommendation to start your day off with a healthy protein shake but then you visited the health aisle and were bombarded with protein shake choices.  

If you haven’t been careful to choose a vegetarian protein, you likely have a whey protein shake powder that you purchased from GNC or other health food store.  I wanted to dedicate a brief newsletter just to lay out the types of protein powders that are the best at helping you to have less cravings, have more energy, and heal inflammation.

First, let’s talk about whey protein.  Yes, a good quality whey is great for building muscle and is easily assimilated into the body…IF…you don’t have a dairy allergy.  The 2 proteins in milk, casein and whey, are the most allergenic proteins in dairy unfortunately.  In addition, whey also contains the milk sugar lactose which can contribute to bloating and gas.  My initial recommendation for most is to go through a nutritional detox to clean out your system as well as figure out what food sensitivities you have.  If you don’t have an issue with dairy, then a good quality whey protein will work for you.  If you feel bloating, constipated, or can’t seem to lose weight even though you are using protein shakes, I suggest you switch from whey to a non-dairy protein. In general, almost 75% or more of my patients that I do a blood test for to check food sensitivities has a dairy sensitivity..just saying’ :-) 

Next, let’s talk about vegetable-based protein.  This can include pea, brown rice, and hemp.  These proteins pack in a lot of digestible protein while adding fiber, without adding extra calories.  They are easily mixed with berries, coconut oil, and coconut milk for extra nutrition.  

If you aren’t getting in the recommended amount of veggies, you can opt for a protein shake that has these added for you, like PaleoMeal DF HERE.


Now, one of my favorite proteins to consume is PurePaleo Protein, which is a beef protein.  Unlike whey, it is unlikely to cause or lead to food sensitivities.  It is processed in a way that its particles are broken down into easily digestible proteins.  This means no bloating, gas or discomfort.  Because your body can use it easily, it is great for both building muscle and weight loss, as well as for energy.   This is the protein that I use to make my morning cocoa, my evening golden milk as well as for baking.  Yep..I throw protein into everything!!  


Whatever protein you choose, your shake should allow you to feel full but not uncomfortable and provide energy for a few hours.  Since protein powders are very different, it may take some testing to find the one that fits your palate the best.  If you’d like to try PurePaleo Protein, I’m offering a discount just for you.  Check it out HERE and use Code Promo10 to get your 10% off.  


Drop me a line and let me know how you like it!!