Increase Your LifeSpan by 7 Years!!!



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A recent study shows that those who avoid risky health behaviors tend to live longer than those who don’t.  Well, you knew that already, right?  What exactly are the risky behaviors this study speaks of?  Smoking, eating to the point of reaching obesity and excessive alcohol use. 

What is even more important is that the longer years lived were characterized by being in good health, feeling good without health problems. 

The recent study examined data for over 14,000 individuals living in the United States. Individuals who never smoked and were not obese during the time of the study lived between four and five years longer than the rest of the population.  In addition, these “extra” years were not plagued by health problems or disabilities.  If alcohol was consumed in moderation, the lifespan was extended to seven disability-free years. 

This study is important because it helps to reiterate the importance of your own personal lifestyle choices and how they directly affect your health.  This is something YOU can do, not your doctor or the health-care establishment.  I know some people feel confused or helpless when attempting to navigate the health-care system or trying to figure out what things can be done to have a healthier lifestyle.  Well, here’s an answer.  Perhaps you knew already that smoking and drinking too much were detrimental, but did you know that your weight can affect your life span as well?  

How detrimental are these behaviors anyway?  Well, besides cutting off your life span, they were also tied with having more disabilities and even early death.  Smoking in particular was tied to an early death while obesity was tied to an extensive period of time in which the people were plagued with disabilities.  When they compared the people most at risk (obese, smoked and drank) compared to those least at risk (had none), the difference in life span was 11 years for men and 12 years for women.

The takeaways here are that a healthy lifestyle is linked to an increase in physically fit years.  Not only do you live longer, but those years can be ones in which you are in good health.  It’s okay if you know this information, but have been having trouble eliminating any of them.  That’s where support comes in.  There are plenty of both medicinal as well as holistic therapies for smoking cessation.  Enjoying alcohol in moderation is fine as long as you feel fabulous, your hormones are stellar and you don’t indulge every single day.  If you need help dropping pounds in order to enjoy a healthier weight, then allow me to help you with that.  I help people daily to reset their bodies, lessen aches and pains and re-teach the body how to heal itself.  Check out my Total Body Reset program for more information.  Drop me an email if you have questions!

Remember, the key is prevention and YOU are in control of that!!  


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