Natural Herbs to Heal Your Thyroid

I get so many questions about thyroid health.  SOOO many people are suffering from the symptoms of low thyroid function but are being told that your thyroid labs look "normal."  All you know is that you don't FEEL normal!!

There are 3 MAIN things you can do today to start healing your thyroid.  These are things that have been scientifically shown to optimize your thyroid hormone levels as well as getting you back to feeling more energetic and vital.

1. Remove wheat and gluten. Yep.. you will want to do this, and especially if you have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis.  When gluten sneaks into your bloodstream, your body naturally "stuffs" it in your thyroid as well as other places to get it out of your system.   This is the first step to healing your thyroid...quit pounding it with toxic food. 

2. Add in natural supplements.  The thyroid needs some vitamins and minerals that are difficult to get in our daily eating sometimes. A few of the most important include zinc, selenium, and iodine.  My favorite multivitamin is HERE and it includes all of these plus Biotin for healthy skin and nails, B-vitamins for energy and chromium for energy. 

3. Heal your adrenal glands!  Our stress glands are the gatekeepers for our bodies.  If you don't have healthy adrenals, you will NOT have optimal thyroid function.  Adaptogens are herbals that help our body "adapt" to stress.  These include ashwaganda, rhodiola, and ginseng.  I say if you have a job, a partner, a child, a parent, or a home, then you have some stress :-).  It's important to take adrenal support daily to counteract some of the stress.  In particular, ashwagandha and rhodiola have been shown in studies to increase thyroid hormone and assist with fat-burning.  Need a supplement recommendation?  My favorite one is called Adrenotone and you can find it HERE

Alright, make your changes and help your thyroid function to soar!!