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I Have A Confession...

Friends of my life partner and I recently commented that they were afraid to invite us over to dinner because they were afraid that they didn't have anything that we "eat." This was an eye-opener for me and it started me wondering how many of our friends and family feel that our "way" of eating is out of reach for them. Well...I have a confession to make!

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Natural Herbs to Heal Your Thyroid

I get so many questions about thyroid health.  SOOO many people are suffering from the symptoms of low thyroid function but are being told that your thyroid labs look "normal."  All you know is that you don't FEEL normal!!

There are 3 MAIN things you can do today to start healing your thyroid.  These are things that have been scientifically shown to optimize your thyroid hormone levels as well as getting you back to feeling more energetic and vital.

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