The Nutrient Your Thyroid is Missing


Hey there!

I’m sure most of you have heard that iodine is important for thyroid health, but there are a couple of others that are just as important as well, one of which is zinc. What exactly does zinc do for your thyroid??

Well, it works on multiple steps in the thyroid cycle. It is required to synthesize the hormone T4 which is thyroxine. This is a common hormone given to women with low thyroid function. Take it a step further and zinc is required to convert that T4 into the active, usable form of thyroid hormone, called T3. It is also required to get that active T3 into the cells where it can be used to burn fat, activate energy, and regulate your temperature.

If you don’t have zinc, even if you are taking Levothyroxine or T4, you won’t feel results because your body can’t convert it into active hormone. You need all of the nutrients required to allow your thyroid to be a well functioning organ.

So what are the symptoms of zinc deficiency? Some of them include hair loss, depression and white spots on the nails. Because zinc is really important for the immune system as well, other symptoms can include frequent infections, allergies and getting sick when anybody coughs on you!

So, how can you naturally get in more zinc? Well, let’s start with your food! Some of the best sources of zinc include oysters, eggs, meat and poultry, mushrooms, broccoli, kale, hummus, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds. There are others as well but this is a start.

If you are vegetarian or feel like you can’t get in enough zinc daily…hint…most of us don’t get enough, then I suggest adding in a natural, organic supplement. You’ve heard me tout it before, but I just can’t get enough of my FAVORITE multivitamin. I recommend it for ALL of my private patients and clients and I use it daily myself. I feel that it is the best supplement out there for thyroid health…as well as overall health. You can pick it up HERE.

In addition to zinc, remember that you need good levels of iron, selenium and iodine for optimal thyroid health. You also need to remove the foods that literally beat the life out of your thyroid, and this includes wheat and gluten…and for anyone with Hashimoto’s…grains in general.

I hope that this was a helpful tool for you to start to increase your metabolism and have your thyroid rockin!! Drop me a line and let me know what you think!