I Have A Confession...

gluten free pizza.jpg

Friends of my life partner and I recently commented that they were afraid to invite us over to dinner because they were afraid that they didn't have anything that we "eat." This was an eye-opener for me and it started me wondering how many of our friends and family feel that our "way" of eating is out of reach for them. Well...I have a confession to make!

We eat EVERYTHING everyone else does. Yep! We have pizza, cake, cookies, pasta, breads, milks, whatever you can think of! But here's the catch...we eat HEALTHIER versions of these! You guys know I LOVE dessert, and I love eating really tasty food, but I REALLY love feeling energetic, healthy, and vibrant with great hormonal balance and a fabulous mood!

So how do we do it? We swap out the "inflammatory" stuff and add in yummy goodness! Our pizza crust is made with almond flour and cauliflower, our cakes/cookies/breads are made with a base of almond meal and we drink nut milk on a daily basis! We had spaghetti squash "pasta" the other night made with a tasty homemade marinara sauce, and if I really want the chewy texture of pasta, we will use brown rice gluten-free pasta. These days, I can immediately detect gluten and sugar in foods and I inevitably feel less than fabulous after eating it. They don't even taste as good anymore as I much prefer the depth of flavor afforded me with the whole foods we use to cook with, not to mention that I feel great after my meals.

This is one of the major misconceptions I encounter when it comes to healing from the inside out and healthy living. You DON'T have to give up the things you love! Yes, you might need to reset your immune system, your gut, and your hormones...I guarantee if you haven't done this within the past 6 months, this is the FIRST step! After your body is actively healing, you are able to tap in better to your body's intuition which tells you exactly what to eat, when to eat it, and how much you need!

This is what I help people to do..heal from the inside out. It starts with cleaning out the bad stuff, i.e. inflammation, by removing the foods causing it and using natural herbs to "pull" it out of your system to be released, then adding in healing gut foods, and popping in a dose of spiritual motivation to get to the deeper energetic roots of your issue. I help you do this in my program Total Body Resetand if you are interested in checking it out, or watching my webinar outlining the program, then check it out HERE.

If you are not quite ready for a full blown nutritional detox, then take some baby steps. Swap out your gluten for almond meal or gluten free flour and swap out your processed sugar for monkfruit or stevia. Swap your dairy for a rich, creamy nut milk (think almond, coconut, or flax) and add in non-starchy veggies at EVERY meal. Start there! Do just one of these for a week and then add in another tool the next week.

Other baby steps would include adding in a multivitamin (we just can't get enough in our daily food supply), fish oil (to protect your brain and decrease inflammation) and drink plenty of water (1/2 your body weight in ounces daily).

If you have NO idea where to start, ASK for help!! Shoot me an email or respond to this one and let me know what your challenges are and I'd be happy to help point you to an option that could help. Remember to check out the recipes on my blog if you are looking for ways to eat healthy...or get the recipe book if you want a whole compilation of meals.

Let me know how it goes!! Let's get...and stay...healthy!!