Yet Another Reason To Purchase Organic!!


Hey there!

Every year, the Environmental Working Group, or EWG puts out a list of the "dirty dozen" or the 12 fruits and vegetables that contain the highest contamination of pesticides, herbicides and other potentially toxic substances.  You can check out that list HERE and these are the foods that you should ABSOLUTELY be purchasing organic. 

There have been recent studies also looking at glyphosate contamination and what struck me was the finding that most cereals on the market now contain higher than acceptable levels of "poisons." Eeek!  This is NOT good!  These are the cereals you might be feeding your children and grandchildren (and eating yourself) on a daily basis.  We then wonder why our rates of ADHD, autism and chronic disease are increasing.  The practice of spraying fields of wheat, corn, and now oats, with roundup prior to harvest has been increasing over the last decade in order to yield more crops.  

Now, what shocked me the most was that plain old oatmeal showed up on the list as having high levels of pesticides in the product.  Detectable levels of glyphosate have been found in Cheerios, Quaker Oatmeal, Nature Valley granola bars, and more. This became personal for me!  We eat oatmeal frequently in my household.  It's always been one of the safe go to's for me and my clients.  Can we have ANY safe food here in the US??  Check out the article HERE if you'd like to explore this more.  

What does it mean?  It means that I now add oatmeal to the list of items that I purchase organic.  Honestly, purchasing organically raises the grocery bill a little, but my health is absolutely worth it...and so is yours!!  Little changes like this can save thousands of dollars in medical bills, surgeries and medications down the road.  Remember, YOU are worth it!! You must take your health into your own hands.  Nobody can monitor 24/7 what goes into your mouth, what thoughts you say to yourself, and how much self-care you allow yourself. YOU have to do it...and this is one of the ways you can.  

Also, if you want to be proactive, purchase as much organic, non-GMO produce as you can.  Your money talks and the more we can support locally grown, "wholesome in every way" foods, the quicker the pricing will decrease for organic, healthy food. Check your labels, and question anything that comes in a box or a bag.  Start your own garden.  You can get in your body movement, your zen, and your nutrition all in one go!

Alright, remember that you count, your voice counts, and you can take charge of your health!!