All the Wine Lovers!!


Last week, I talked about a recent study that showed an increased life span by not smoking, having a healthy weight and consuming alcohol in moderation.  To read that article, click HERE. So where does that leave us wine drinkers??  Yes, I enjoy a nice glass of red every now and then.

In other developed countries, a daily glass of red wine has been shown to keep people living longer than the average person.  This is because wine contains polyphenols and antioxidants.  They help to neutralize any damaging free radicals and protects your cells. So, why is it that most wine produced here in the US doesn’t have that same effect? After researching this difference, it comes down to production.  Unfortunately, our wine is not grown nor assembled in a traditional way.  

For example, here in the US, wine producers add colorants (responsible for headaches), toxic metals, sugar and sulfites.  This is what contributes to hormone imbalances, headaches, waking up in the middle of the night and hangovers.  

In addition, most vineyards spray glyphosate, like Round-Up pesticides, on the vines.  Guess what?  We end up consuming this and it does a number to the gut, causing leaky gut, inflammation, arthritis, brain fog, alzheimer’s, and more. 

So, what’s a wine lover to do??  Try out Organic, Sulfite-free Wines.  I discovered these in the last year and what a difference they make if you enjoy wine.  First off, they are natural, grown organically without pesticides, chemicals and additives.  Second, they do not add additional sugar.  Lastly, they are sulfite free.  This means, no headaches, no changes in your sleep quality and no hangovers!!  

The great news is that you can find them in most stores that sell alcohol.  Ask where the Organic Wines are kept and you’ll likely see a few brands.  I’m still testing out different varieties but I’m finding them light, refreshing, and you still get a nice buzz.

Now remember, moderation is still the key.  Any alcohol consumed gives your liver a workout and you want to have the liver doing its MAIN function of clearing your blood and metabolizing hormones, food, and toxins, so don’t overdo it!

Let me know if you’ve tried Organic, Sulfite-free Wine and which brands are your favorites.

To Your Health!!