The Best Supplements to Have On Vacation!!


It's that time of year again!  Summer cookouts, holidays and VACATION!!  You've been planning and looking forward to this for some time now and you definitely want to feel absolutely fabulous throughout the entire trip!!

Well, I've put together a list of the non-negotiable MUST-HAVES when it comes to packing supplements that will keep you feeling energetic, relaxed in a pinch, and maybe even allow you to "cheat" at dinner a little ;-).

  1. Magnesium- This one is non-negotiable! Magnesium can be used for SOO many things. First off, it helps with calming and relaxation. You can use it for general evening relaxation to menstrual cramps to soreness after summer fun activities. Second, it’s a natural laxative, so if you have a case of “bashful bowels” or just need to keep things moving, taking magnesium in the evening will help. Most people are deficient in magnesium and this is sad because it powers MOST functions in the body. Getting in a good dose of daily magnesium helps to lower your blood pressure, keep your hormones firing, and calms the nervous system. A good starting dosage is 250-400 mg and you can go up to around 1200mg per day. Everyone has their own “special dose.” The dosage you take in the evening where you have a “perfect” bowel movement in the morning (not too firm, not too watery) is your dose :-). This is the OTC brand I use HERE. If you don’t need the laxative effect but still want all of the benefits of magnesium, try this one instead.

  2. Probiotics- Keeping your gut flora balanced and healthy is key to avoiding food related and bacterial related gut issues while on vacation. Your gut is the first line of defense for invaders and it is the seat of your immune system so you want it to be a fortress!! The problem with probiotics is that some of the best brands require refrigeration. I have found 1 brand that I absolutely love for 2 reasons. It’s shelf stable so you can pack it without the need for refrigeration PLUS it has been researched and shown to survive long enough to reach the large intestine where it needs to do most of its work. You can check it out HERE.

  3. Anti-inflammatory- I used to pack Ibuprofen in my purse and suitcase and everywhere else for those “just in case” scenarios where either myself or someone else was in pain from a sprain, headache, hiking, you name it! Now, I pack Curcum-avail. It is a concentrated turmeric supplement that is a natural anti-inflammatory plus works GREAT for pain relief. You can take it without worrying about damage to your kidneys, plus you get the added benefits of anti-aging, pain relief, and increased metabolism. Recent studies have shown that it is just as powerful and effective at arthritis pain control as prescription strength NSAIDS. You can check out that article HERE.

  4. Green Juice Powder- I have green juice EVERY single day!! I usually start my day with it, but you might even find me sipping away during the day. I love green juice and I love the alkalinization benefits to my body. BAD stuff CAN’T grow in an alkaline environment. I usually drink blended green juice. We blend up kale, spinach, lemon, ginger, celery, and apple in our wonderful Blendtec blender. It’s the BEST blender ever if you want blended juice that tastes like strained juice. It’s smooth but keeps the fiber intact. Now, making green juice on vacation usually isn’t feasible or practical, so when we go on vacation, I always take green juice powder. I’ve tried dozens, this one tastes the best and they also have single serve packets that make it REALLY easy. There’s no excuse anymore not to stay hydrated, alkalinized and healthy while away!! You can check out the Organify green juice powder HERE.

  5. Cheat Supplement!! Alright, I told you that I was going to include your meal cheat supplement. We all know how it goes. You plan to stick with your healthy eating plan while away, but the lure of exotic treats and chef-inspired dishes has you throwing all reason out the window. And who doesn’t want to enjoy vacation meals without worrying if you’re going to wake up with a headache, stiff joints, or 5 extra pounds. Well, in comes Protectzyme. This supplement can be taken prior to meals where you know or suspect there is gluten, dairy, eggs (if you have a sensitivity) or other contraband :-). It helps to break down and neutralize these and gives a buffer for the really starchy, carby stuff. Now, remember it’s for occasional cheats :-). The way to stay healthy for the long term is mindful eating regardless of the venue or location.

Alright, I think that will get you started and help you to create wonderful vacation memories without worrying about any mishaps on the road!!

Drop me a line to let me know if you have any go-to supplements you like to take on vacation or need recommendations for a particular circumstance!