Eat Ice Cream Everyday And Still Lose Weight!!

ice cream in bowl.jpg

I bet I got your attention, didn't I?? It's summertime and what better way to cool off than with a nice bowl of ice cream!!

You might be is this possible?  Ice cream is supposed to be fattening and full of sugar that will definitely pile the pounds onto my bum, right?

You can TOTALLY have your ice cream and not sabotage your healthy results.  How?  You MAKE it yourself!!  It's really easy, only involves a few ingredients and it's delicious!! 

If making your own ice cream sounds daunting, I'll even give you some ice cream recommendations you can purchase that are healthy.

Here’s more about why I’m sharing this with you…

When you create ice cream with the right ingredients, it…

⇒ Accelerates your fat loss
⇒ Satisfies your sweet tooth
⇒ Increases your energy
⇒ Fuels your muscles
⇒ And boosts your metabolism

You can enjoy it GUILT-FREE because it has…

  • 21 grams of protein and healthy fat to kick up your metabolism

  • Low in sugar and calories

  • NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, or trans fats

  • Gluten-free and diabetic-friendly

  • Gut-healing

Ready for the recipe?? Here goes:

Vanilla-Coconut Ice Cream

Serves: 2

1 cup coconut cream (this is the brand we use and we buy it by the case. It’s rich and creamy and has no water..think creamer for your coffee, anything requiring richness will love this! You can also substitute coconut milk)

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract (I like to scrape the inside of a vanilla bean to get the seeds)

1 scoop Pure Paleo Vanilla Protein (if you are vegetarian or vegan, try Organic Pure Pea Vanilla)

1-2 TBSP Lakanto Golden Monkfruit (or sweeten to taste)

1/2 cup of add-ins (frozen berries), cocoa powder, unsweetened chocolate chips


Slightly warm the coconut cream so that all of the ingredients will dissolve in it. In a blender, mix the coconut cream, protein powder, vanilla extract and monkfruit sweetener. Let it chill in the refrigerator. If you have an ice cream maker, pour the mixture in based on the manufacturers direction and then stir in the add-ins when it reaches the soft serve stage. If you do not have an ice cream maker, pour the mixture into a shallow dish and freeze until it is soft serve consistency. Stir in your add ins and then freeze until hard.

If making ice cream is too far out of reach, then I would suggest checking out SoDelicious Coconut Ice Cream or So Delicious Coconut Whipped Cream that when frozen, makes a wonderful creamy treat. There are some newer companies now making healthier ice cream versions as well and they will ship directly to your door. A couple to check out include Wink and FitFreeze.

Alright, stay cool, stay healthy, and have fun making your ice cream!!