Is Salt Healthy For You?


Don’t be fooled into thinking that salt isn’t that important.  Unfortunately, our refined salt has given salt its bad reputation and name.  The truth is that our bodies need salt in order to survive.  

In fact, some people may be wondering why your body tends to crave salt, especially when you are stressed out.  

Salt isn’t the problem, but the type of salt can be.  Plain old table salt can actually be pretty toxic.  This is the type of salt that your doctor has been telling you to avoid in order to lower your blood pressure and other health problems.  What’s the problem with traditional table salt anyway?  Well, unfortunately, it usually contains additives.  These could include anti-caking agents that keep it flowing smoothly and these have been linked to problems with the kidneys as well as an increased likelihood of heavy metal toxicity.   In addition, a common preservative is probably the causative effect of elevated blood pressure and kidney problems. 

Contrary to what you might believe, unrefined sea salt is good for the body.  It helps our adrenal glands, or stress glands, to function properly first of all.  A common symptom of low adrenal function is salt cravings.  Your body uses the minerals in salt to moderate your blood pressure, regulate your blood sugar, boost your immune system and strengthen your bones.  

So the key is quality.  Choose a sea salt that doesn’t contain any other ingredients..NO additives.  This way, you can get the benefits of the great taste of the salt as well as the minerals required for your body’s health. 

Hold up!  What about iodine?  This was one of the reasons why people felt that table salt was so good.  Yes, iodine is VERY important in the body, especially for thyroid function. However, there are other ways to get the recommended daily dosage of iodine, including consumption of sea vegetables and cranberries.  Since most people are actually deficient in iodine, I also recommend considering a supplement.  The one I use daily is called Twice Daily Multi.  It contains iodine, as well as zinc and selenium which are also important for thyroid health.

Now, back to salt.  Let’s all throw out the table salt and instead opt for an unrefined sea salt as a tasty addition to our foods.  Continue the enhancement with herbs and you’re good to go!

Drop me a line and let me know what Sea Salt you've tried tastes the best!  Let's compare!