Essential Oils for Summer!


With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to experiment with essential oils, whether you are new to them or use them regularly.  

I love using essential oils and I use them in everything from insect repellent to body oil.  The chemicals in the essential oils affect the body’s systems in scientific and reproducible ways.  They can affect our nervous systems, digestive systems, or help heal the skin. 

Here are a couple to try this summer in order to energize, become calm, or keep the mosquitos away.

1. I have to give a plug for lavender as this may be my absolute favorite essential oil.   This essential oil is very relaxing, and promotes a sense of peace and calm.  It is a very safe essential oil that can be used to calm and soothe babies and pets as well.  One way to try lavender is to sprinkle a drop or two in a cool bath or onto your pillow.  

2. The next essential oil to play with is peppermint. Peppermint has multiple uses when it comes to wellness.  This includes soothing digestive upset, giving you a boost of energy, and one of my favorites is keeping away ticks and bugs.  You can make a simple bug repellent using only water and peppermint essential oil that is also very cooling on the skin.  Stay tuned for my recipe booklet of my favorite essential oil blends. I’ll send this in your inbox next week.

3. Calm down with chamomile.  You’ve probably had chamomile tea at some point in the evening to help you to relax or to sleep.  Well, the essential oil of chamomile is a powerful relaxant.  A drop or two of chamomile in a diffuser or bath goes a long way in relaxing your nervous system.  Pair it with a meditative nighttime yoga flow and you’ll be drifting into dreamland in no time!!

4. Tea Tree Oil.  This is another favorite of mine.  Tea tree oil is a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal oil.  You can use it as a wash to treat superficial scratches and abrasions or add it to your homemade bug spray as another bug deterrent.  You can ingest this in very small amounts.  One use would be to apply a drop directly on an achy tooth to kill bacteria and prevent cavities.  

5. Eucalyptus Oil is a wonderful essential oil for summer.  This oil is very useful for breathing difficulty as it opens up the nasal passages.  It also has been shown to boost your immune function just by breathing it in.  It is very stimulating and helps to boost your energy.  Use this prior to working out or when you need a mid-day boost at work.  

If you are concerned about using essential oils with your children, here is a partial list of essential oils that are safe to use in small doses topically with your children.  In general, you should not give kids oral essential oils and they should be diluted with an oil or water. Safe choices include:



Tea Tree


Sweet Orange


There are so many ways to play with essential oils and many companies that offer high quality oils.  You can find natural blends or you can make your own.    Stay tuned for more information on essential oils as well as my recipe booklet with all of my favorite blends next week!! 

Feel free to send me your blends and have a wonderful week!!