Travel Essentials for Health and Relaxation!!

Hey ya'll!!

I've done a bit of traveling over the last few weeks and it will continue into the Fall and Winter.  I wanted to share some tips and products that I incorporate into my travel routine in order to stay healthy and relaxed.  

1. Pre-flight essentials!  rior to flying, I always drink an extra glass or two of water.  Running through airports and getting through security can sap the hydration right out of your skin and body.  Take an empty water bottle with you...most airports now have a filling station that you can use once you are past security.  I also pop an ADP by Biotics Research which is a powerful natural oil of oregano supplement that keeps my immune system rev-ed up to avoid catching any bugs on the plane, which unfortunately have recirculating, dry air blowing at you.

2. In-flight essentials! kip the coffee and aim for pure, clean water.  Have I discussed dehydration enough already?  Believe me, you're WAY behind on the day you travel.  Between the running around, long waits and drying air, you need more hydration than ever.  I always take along a healthy bar or two so that I won't be lured into eating the unhealthy, sugar-filled, glutinous snacks provided on the plane.  My favorite bar is called Cocoimmune and it tastes just like a Mounds bar with coconut, healthy fats and dark chocolate.  YUM!!  Plus, it's healthy and actual helps to heal your gut and decrease inflammation.  If you suffer from travel anxiety, you can also try what I call Nature's "Valium"...L-theanine.  100-200mg when you board the plane will have you zen and relaxed in no time at all!

3. Post-flight essentials! ime to fun, but also make time to rest and get good sleep on your travel day, especially if you are changing time zones.  I also make sure that I take an additional ADP at bedtime as a natural antibiotic.  You may consider taking calming essentials oils for the plane and well as an energizing blend for the morning.  Essential oils work directly with our brain and immune system to keep us happy and healthy as well as do double-duty to freshen hotel air.  Also aim to drink a few extra glasses of water with lemon in them to detoxify your system and keep your energy high!

I hope these tips were useful.  You can implement them for short trips, road trips and especially for travel that involves airplanes and hotels.  

See ya soon and healthy travels!

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