Kicking Holiday Stress To The Curb!!

Alright…are you ready for more tips and tricks for alleviating your stress this holiday season?  Did you read and implement the first set of tips?  Check out the previous blog to find out how you can turn around some holiday dread with simple implementations. 

Now, let’s calm it down even more for the holidays.  We want to make this the most fun holiday season yet.  Here we go!

1. Don’t try to save the world in a month!

During the holidays, you might see 10X as many charity solicitations.  Yes, it is the time for giving, but organizations know that people tend to feel more guilty as well around the holiday season.  As people are throwing piles of money into gift giving, it only seems natural to throw some money into a charitable donation too.  I say…pick a couple of organizations that you REALLY resonate with.  I love to donate but I always make sure I’m doing it because I love the cause and I want to give, not out of a sense of obligation.  Also, if you can’t give, don’t feel guilty about it.  Throw that guilt out of the window!

2. Limit the Alcohol

Yep…I know.  The egg nog bowl is full, the champagne is flowing and parties are in full swing.  Overindulging in alcohol can wreck havoc on your hormones, not to mention screwing up your sleep.  If you want to enjoy the holiday alcohol, start and finish with one glass, sip slowly and make sure you are drinking plenty of clean, fresh water to keep you hydrated.

3. Get outside!

Get as much “vitamin” sun as you can.  This is the season when Vitamin D levels drop from less sun exposure. That means more depression, anxiety and less energy. If it’s cold where you live, there’s a natural tendency to want to cuddle up inside where it’s warm.  Commit to bundling up in warm gear and taking a nice brisk walk everyday.  Feel the crisp weather and enjoy the sunshine on your face.  You’ll feel much better!  Plus, it’s the perfect excuse if you need a little alone time in the midst of family functions!

4. Overindulged on food? Make the next day a soup fast day.

Have your cake and cookies if you must, but don’t let 1 day turn into 10.  If you end up binging at a party or having too much rich food, opt for a nice bone broth or vegetable soup the following day.  Add in detoxifying veggies like kale and spinach.  Bone broth will also help repair any damage done to your intestines by the wheat and sugar.

5. Commit to eating as cleanly as possible!

Just to follow from the previous tip, avoid the binge altogether by committing to eating cleanly during the holidays.  Sure, have a bite or two of a favorite dish, but make sure that your overall eating includes lean proteins, healthy fats and TONS of non-starchy vegetables.  Stay away from the packaged and processed foods and flush your system with LOTS of water.  Believe me, this will do wonders for your energy and mood, not to mention your waistline!


Like the tips?  What tips do you employ to get you through the holiday season?  Share them on the Facebook Page with me.  I’d love to hear!!

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