Eat Fat This Holiday Season!!

Are you afraid of eating fat?

It saddens me to see all of the low fat and fat-free foods in grocery stores now.  Unfortunately, these foods have higher sugar added for flavor, fillers and all sorts of other unhealthy ingredients.   You can look around and see that going fat free hasn’t helped most Americans.  Instead, people are getting sicker and fatter. 

Well, let me set the story straight.  Healthy fats are actually good for you!  Healthy fats help to heal your gut!  Healthy fats that heal your gut also heal inflammation and brain disease AND help you to lose weight.

The key is knowing what fats to add and how.  I recommend every meal start with a base of non-starchy vegetables.  Add in a side of protein, a side of slow burning carbs and a dollop of healthy fat.  Healthy fats include olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, avocado oil, nuts and seeds. 

Drizzle some olive oil over the veggies, add some guacamole to your salad or sprinkle a handful of nuts to your meal.  One of my favorite go-to meals that includes lots of healthy fats is salmon baked or grilled with olive oil,  half a cup of brown rice and LOTS of broccoli drizzled with sea salt and coconut oil.  Yum!!  It's filling, healthy and provides so many nutrients.  Plus, it fills me up without being stuffed and keeps me full for hours. 

So try to add in more healthy fat today. Not only will you be repairing your body, but you will also feel fuller for longer so cravings and overeating can become a non-issue.

Throw out your margarine, throw out your canola oil, throw out the corn oil and instead, add in some healthy fats today!!

This is the perfect time to make the swaps.  With holidays in full swing and the possibility of unhealthy food sneaking in, use healthy fats to help seal your gut, prevent inflammation, control your moods and keep your weight in check!

Enjoy your week!

Markyia NicholsComment