5 Hacks for Holiday Stress

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, filled with family and friends and warm memories.  Now that we are finishing up November and moving into December soon, it doesn’t mean that the rush around is set to slow down.  On the contrary, December is a month of rushing around to attend parties, or shop or bake.  Unfortunately, this can leave us finishing out our year feeling tired, sluggish, fat and bloated. 

I know that feeling..overwhelm trying to finish up personal and professional obligations before the end of the year.  So..I’ve come up with some tips to help you to minimize your holiday stress and actually enjoy the season this year as well as those you love.  I mean…that’s the point of the holidays anyways, right!


1. Delegate!

This one is important, especially for you ladies that just LOVE to do everything.  I know who you are..I was one of them.  That means, divi up the holiday tasks.  Get help with the decorating, ask family members to contribute to the holiday meals or designate a clean up crew.  Make sure you are asking for help!

2. Save Time and Money with Online Cards

If you are a traditionalist, this one might be hard.  However, this yearly obligation costs you time and money and there are costs to the environment as well.  Instead, opt for an online card.  They are cute, fun, and allow you to be thoughtful with less energy than the traditional way. 

3. Have Your Family Portraits Done by a friend

You can get professional quality pictures done with almost any smartphone camera these days.  You don’t have to go anywhere special to have them done either.  Pick your favorite tree or scene right in your yard and play around.  Get creative.  Plus, the kids can run right back into the house to change without much time and energy on your part. 

4. Skip the Gift Exchange

Gift giving can be one of the most pleasurable but stressful parts of the holidays.  This year, opt for a 1 gift rule with a price limit, or skip the gift exchange all-together. Decide to spend time with your partners instead of exchanging gifts.  

5. Downsize your decorations.

If you are the person that keeps your decorations up until Spring because it takes too much time to disassemble them, then you are exactly who I’m talking to right now.  Decorating with family can be fun, but don’t let it get stressful.  Simplify!!  Place a few key items out.  Getting a tree?  Bring out only 1 box of ornaments, not 5!  You get the point.


Stay tuned for more tips later in the week.  I’d love to hear how you beat the stress during the holiday season. 

Markyia NicholsComment