Benefits of Detoxing


As I am rolling out my course Total Body Reset, a couple of questions have been coming in.  One of the most common questions has been, “Why do I need to detox?”
There are a lot of misconceptions about the real benefits of detoxing, so let me take a moment to clarify...   
First of all, detoxing is NOT about losing weight in the short term. Most people do lose some weight during a detox, but that is not the main goal. Detoxing is about giving your body the opportunity to lose weight sustainably and keep it off in the long run.  
Here's how detoxification can help you lose weight:
1. Detoxing helps to reduce inflammation.  This is key because any inflammation causes your body to release hormones and factors that keep weight stuck.
2. Detoxing helps to repair your gut.  Leaky gut occurs when toxins and other substances break down our intestinal cell wall and cause toxins and undigested food particles to leak through.  Giving the digestive system and rest and removing these offending substances helps to stop the breakdown process and allow the gut to heal itself.
3. Detoxing typically adds in nutrient dense material which leads to less hunger.
4. Detoxing helps to kill off intestinal bacteria that is responsible for sugar cravings and weight gain.  This helps to stop junk food cravings and gives your bowel a chance to repopulate with beneficial bacteria instead.
5. Detoxing helps to activate the hormones responsible for fat burning.  
6. Detoxing helps to reset your sex hormones which also modulate fat burning and weight
7. Detoxing cleans out the liver and allows it to heal.  The liver is our main detoxification organ and it gets “junky.”  Cleaning it out helps the liver to metabolize and break down food and hormones more efficiently.

In addition to fat burning and weight loss, detoxing improves arthritis and joint pain, increases your energy levels, increases your libido and brightens your skin.

Doing a detox properly allows you to eat healthy, nutrient dense foods as often as you feel hungry WHILE repairing your liver, kidneys, gut and skin.  Following a plan with the help of a mentor or friend ensures success.  Doing it for long enough is crucial to allow healing to occur, hormonal reset and lasting results.  

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