When You Just CAN'T Seem To Get Enough Veggies

You KNOW you need to get in vegetables every single day and I don't mean corn and white potatoes!!  You need the GREEN stuff to keep your body alkalinized, your liver working well, and your brain and hormones doing their jobs optimally.  Having enough green leafy and cruciferous vegetables goes a LONG way towards healing inflammation (which is the root cause of most of your issues by the way), fixing your hormones, and keeping your energy high.  Oh, did I mention it helps you to lose weight too??

Green vegetables provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals including iron, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and many B-vitamins.  The cruciferous vegetables also include sulfonated compounds which help your liver to clear out toxins.  I say to try to get in a pound of vegetables per day.  If you can do that, most medical issues like high cholesterol, inflammation, and diabetes go running for the hills.

You might be saying, "Holy Cow..how do I get in a pound of vegetables every single day?"  The key is to make vegetables the focal point and star of every meal.  When you think of a balanced meal, do you think of vegetables as the absolute first requirement?? Most people don't...most make sure there's some protein and some starches on that plate, with veggies as an afterthought...or no thought at all!! 

Instead, I propose you add them to everything you can.  In the morning, blend a handful of spinach into your morning protein shake.  Feeling hungry mid-morning?  Snack on some kale chips.  Have a nice big salad for lunch, but opt for spinach, kale or beet greens instead of iceberg lettuce.  At dinner, fill half of your plate first with green vegetables.  Then reserve 1/4 of the plate for protein and a 1/4 of the plate for a slow-burning carb like brown rice, quinoa or sweet potato.

I start out my morning with a very alkalinizing green juice blend.  In my high powered blender, I mix a HUGE handful of kale, another HUGE handful of spinach, a couple of celery stalks, half a cucumber, a half of a peeled lemon, a knuckle of fresh ginger, and a small apple.  I add half a blender full of cold water and voila!!  Instant green juice.  I'll record a video and post it soon so that you have the recipe.  If you don't have time to make your own blend, then you can opt for a green juice powder.  I've tried LOTS and this is the one that tastes the best and alkalinizes VERY fast (as evidenced with pH strips after drinking).  Check it out HERE.

I can't say enough about green veggies.  It never fails that when someone is having a medical issue and I ask about their daily eating habits, the green veggies seem to be missing.  Start where you are and add what you can.  Aim to get in a pound of green stuff every single day.  Oh...and I use ONLY organic veggies for my blended juices.  It might cost a little more, but believe me, it's worth it not to have all of the pesticides and DNA harming GMOs getting into my body.

Alright, you know I love to hear from you so drop me a line if you have a question or comment!

Drink (or eat) Your Green Stuff!


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