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Hey there lovelies!!

It's been a hot, busy summer and I hope you are enjoying time in the sun...soaking in your Vitamin D, taking trips to the beach or park for your nature fix,  and savoring the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that are available right now.  

Today I want to chat about the dreaded "C" word and what you can do to minimize your risk naturally!  Yep, even if you have had cancer or are going through treatment now, there are simple things you can do to help your body become a fortress against cancers, growths of any kind and overall bad stuff!!

With the exception of skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women – with the disease claiming the lives of about 41,000 women every year in the United States. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that women are at increasing risk for breast cancer as they age, and notes that the average age of diagnosis for women is 61.  However, there are some evidence-based things you can do to decrease that risk drastically...PLUS heal whatever damage might be going on in your body right now. 

1.  Get your Vitamin D!! More and more research shows that Vitamin D deficiency is a contributor for cancer development.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that women are at increasing risk for breast cancer as they age, and notes that the average age of diagnosis for women is 61. Now, a new study involving postmenopausal female participants over 55 shows that increasing vitamin D levels can help cut the risk in this group.  There is a nice sweet spot for this too. You want your levels to be between 50 and 70 for cancer prevention (and the research says over 60). Why is this important?  Well, because the "normal" levels on a lab study can be as low as 20!!  How do you know what your levels are?  You get it checked!!  Most people will need to supplement Vitamin D to get optimum levels, but you can start by spending some time in the sun every day.  It will help to increase your Vitamin D plus rejuvenate your spirit!  If you need to supplement, here is the Vitamin D that I take every single day, rain or shine, to keep my levels perfect!!  

2. Alkalinize your body. Yes...I say this ALL the time and what does it mean??  You want your urine pH to be above 7.5 ideally.  You can check your urine pH easily by purchasing pH strips right at your local pharmacy.  How to you get your body more alkaline??  Well, one way is to eat MORE leafy greens.  Add greens to everything you can think of, your morning smoothies, afternoon salads, and as a side for dinner.  Drink blended green juice...I do every single day!  Why is this important?  Bad things can't grow in an alkaline environment.  I'm sure you've heard of someone who was terminally ill from cancer who went to a wellness center and came back in remission??  Well, the mainstay of those programs is detoxification and green juicing.  If you are too busy to get your greens, then buy a green powder.  Here is my favorite thus far of all of the brands I've tried. Other ways to alkalinize your body include adding lemon to your water and getting outside in nature.  

3. This brings me to my next one, which is CUT THE SUGAR!!  When I say sugar, I also mean anything that converts in the body to sugar.  This includes white (and wheat) flour, white rice, processed foods and starchy vegetables like white potatoes.  It also includes sweet fruit like bananas.  Guess what cancer feeds on? loves sugar!!  Give it a sugary, acidic environment and it'll spread like wildfire!  Try some natural sweeteners for your cooking and baking instead.  My absolute FAVORITE sweetener is called monkfruit which is a plant extract and the research looks great on this one!  It tastes JUST like sugar...I fool people all the time, but it has zero calories, has anti-inflammatory properties and potentially anti-cancer properties as well.  This is the one that I use, called Lakanto. It works great in baking as well.  This is literally how I can have yummy desserts almost daily without sabotaging how I feel. 

4. Last but not least is detox your body.  Get rid of the toxins.  Although detox might sound scary or overused, it is actually something our body naturally does when we feed it nourishing meals and the vitamins and minerals it needs.  One natural way to detox your body is to eat your cruciferous vegetables.  Veggies such as kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and more help your liver to do the most important job of getting rid of toxins, old dead cells, and unused "gunk!"  An added benefit is that you alkalinize your body at the same time...see point number 2.  You can also help your body detox by drinking lots of water, dry brushing your body or spending some time in a sauna.  I detox nutritionally every day but I do a more thorough detox at least every 4-6 months.  I recommend my patients and clients formally and mindfully detox minimum twice a year to stay healthy...period.  To find out more about my detox program, you can click HERE.


I hope that this has given you some food for thought as well as some powerful tools you can easily implement to keep your body in the optimal state for preventing and healing cancer, as well as MANY of the most common medical diseases.  Don't let the simplicity fool you!  Nature has provided us everything we need to heal our bodies thoroughly and effectively.  Get back to nature, throw out the processed stuff, eat REAL food that was once living, and soak in some sun.  Got it?  I KNOW you do :-)!

Let's kick cancer's butt!!

Dr. Kyia



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