What are the Fabulous Five??

What supplements do I recommend? Well, you can start with the "Fab Five." These are the 5 supplements that pretty much everyone needs based on hundreds of patient visits with verified lab results. They include:

1) Multi-vitamin- Most patients come in on a generic or store bought multivitamin, but when we check nutrient levels, they are usually deficient in the vitamins and minerals necessary for good thyroid health, hormone production, and energy. My absolute favorite multi is called Twice Daily Multi and it has all of the B-vitamins in the right formulations and dosages, zinc, selenium and iodine for your thyroid and chromium and biotin for energy, hair growth, and cellular function.

2) Probiotics- Health as well as disease begins in the gut!! Just one dose of antibiotics, a GI bug and various medications and foods can severely affect our gut microbiome. A daily probiotic is essential for re-populating the good gut bacteria, helping to keep out toxic invaders and keeping you slim and trim.

3) Omega-3 fatty acids- Did you know that a good dose of Omega-3's is just as effective at preventing early Alzheimer's as our #1 pharmaceutical drug for Alzheimer's?? Yep..get in your Omega-3's at 2000-4000mg per day to help prevent dementia, keep your vessels clean, and clear out inflammation. Since it is a bit of a blood thinner, stay on the lower half if you use blood thinning medication. If you desire vegetarian sources of Omega-3's, add in flax seeds and chia seeds for a healthy "dose." This supplement also has Hemp Oil which is gaining more research showing that it supports our mood as well as decreases inflammation.

4) Vitamin D- Summer is a great time to get your Vitamin D conversion from sun exposure for 15-20 minutes a day. However, don't think that you are getting enough...get your levels checked!! 99% of my patients have severely low levels of Vitamin D, unless they are taking a supplement. Aim to have your levels between 50-70 for optimal function and possible cancer protection as well. I love the liquid form the best as it is easier to absorb in your gut. This formulation also contains K2 which helps with absorption as well as protects your vessels from damage and calcification.

5) Adrenal Support- Last but not least is adrenal support! The adrenal glands are the gatekeepers for everything else. If they don't work, NOTHING works! They will keep your hormones, feel good neurotransmitters, fat-burning chemicals and everything else in a holding pattern if the adrenals are stressed or tired. You can start to naturally heal your adrenals with meditation and daily relaxation techniques. Yep...DAILY!! Finding and doing things that bring you joy also help to heal the adrenal glands. Add in Maca powder for a wonderful boost to the adrenals...you can pick some up in most natural food stores or on Amazon. I recommend that people add in herbs such as Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, L-theanine and ginseng to help revive the adrenals as well. You can pick up a supplement with most of the beneficial herbs in it...this is the one I use daily along with meditation and mindfulness.

**Although there are other supplements that I add in daily, these are the Fabulous Five Non-negotiable ones I take every single day to keep my energy on point, my thyroid gland fired up, and my brain popping out the data in record time :-).

To Your Health!!

Markyia NicholsComment