Holiday Sale!!

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Do you need a last minute holiday gift?  How about sending some healthy items to your loved ones this year!

My friends and family usually receive…and LOVE…a gift bag filled with all of the essentials necessary to lead a healthy life.

What do they contain?  One of my favorites is Pure Paleo Protein.  It is a very highly digestible hydrobeef protein that has not been shown to cause food sensitivities and helps to heal leaky gut and other digestive disorders.  It is my go-to for anything that requires blending or baking and we use it in EVERYTHING!!  You’ll notice that most of my recipes get boosted with this protein. **If you are vegetarian or vegan, we have some wonderful vegetable based proteins as well.

What else goes in the bag?  Well, you can decide.  Have a friend with digestive upset or frequent UTI’s?  Gift them Probiophage DF which is a proprietary probiotic that contains a bacteria strain that “eats” up e.coli which causes most female urinary tract infections.

How about swapping out your drugstore multivitamin (which unfortunately contains fillers and mercury and all sorts of other unhealthy items) and instead try Twice Daily Multi.  This is the multi that will allow you to throw out MOST of your other supplements by providing support with vitamins, minerals, energy support, thyroid support and even blood sugar support.

Everything in the store is 20% off for the holidays so go ahead and stock up NOW!! Use Coupon Code Holiday2017 to get a whopping 20% off.  This expires soon so shop up and stock up!!

Have questions about an item?  Feel free to email me at

Happy Shopping!!

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