Changing Seasons

Time has officially changed and it’s a signal that the change of seasons is indeed upon us.  How are you doing with it?  

Many of my clients report that their energy starts to wane during this time of year.  With less sun and shorter seeming days, mood disorders like anxiety and depression start to come forward more.  Your energy might wane more and you long for comfort foods and time to relax.

Fall for me is my absolute favorite time of year.  Between the crisp weather on my skin and the changing colors of the leaves, I literally crave the outdoors and spend even more time outside than usual.  

This time of year is a perfect mirror for our own inner lives.  It’s a time to slow down and reflect, a time to go within more.  The gift of this season is the encouragement to slow down, relax, enjoy the colors, and reflect on what’s “up” for release and what’s next on the horizon.  

It also asks us to consider family and our relationships.  As the holiday seasons approach and we consider the time we will spend with family, does that bring a sense of expectation and joy…or one of stress?

BE as the tree.  Pare down and shed that which no longer serves us.  Let go..just as the tree easily drops its leaves, knowing that spring will come again in the future.  

How do you do this?  BE with yourself…even if just for 5 minutes.  Grab your journal and contemplate the inner feelings that get stirred up on a daily basis.  You’ll likely find repeating patterns or thoughts that continually play themselves over and over again.  

Be kind to yourself.  Speak to yourself the way you would soothe a child.  Take long walks in nature.  Take warm epsom salt baths.  Grab your hot drink recipes and just savor it all.

I’ve started enjoying my hot cocoa again.  Here is the recipe for you.

If the weather is putting a damper on your outdoors body movement, then start an indoor practice of yoga, tai chi, stretching or spinning. 

Just embrace your life, embrace those around you, embrace the weather, embrace your inner world.  I honor YOU for who you are, for taking the time to contribute to my tribe and for contributing your energy to improving this world!

To Your Health!


Markyia NicholsComment