4 Signs You Need a Detox...

Hey there!!

You've heard me speak a lot about detoxing lately.  First off, let's ask a couple of preliminary questions.  Why do we need to detox?  Well...unfortunately our bodies are bombarded by toxins on a daily basis.  What is a toxin you say?  A toxin is anything that goes into the body that the body can't either use for fuel, store as energy, or eliminate.  This means that it just sticks around in your body, wrecking havoc and over time, causing more and more symptoms.

Well, why can't the body eliminate them?  This is where detoxing comes in.  Now a toxin could be anything from smoke to pesticides to foods that the body doesn't recognize. If your body can't recognize it, then it immediately considers it an enemy and goes into "fight or flight" mode.  When it's in this attacking position, all of the healing abilities and juicy symptoms get put on hold while your body is "dealing" with the attacker. 

Another thing that happens is that your MAJOR detoxification organs, like your liver, skin, bowel, and kidneys get compromised and "gunked" up over time from the constant influx of processed foods, pesticides, synthetic hormones, medications, and other toxins.  When it's junked up, it can't effectively do its job OR get rid of the bad stuff.

So what are some signs that your body is BEGGING for a detox?  

1) Fatigue- This is probably one of the most common signs that a detox is in order.  When your organs are all backed up, it's like your body is full of sludge...or that's how it feels.  This might start off pretty benign and make you think you just need to slow down a bit, but over time, if you don't do anything about it, it can lead to aches, pains, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue.

2) Brain fog- I have had so many patients get really nervous because they feel like they are getting early dementia.  This is scary as chronic inflammation caused by toxins CAN build up in the brain and lead to Alzheimer's, MS, and other neurological diseases.  Your body has to store that stuff somewhere and a dehydrated, squishy brain is a great spot to do that!

3) Body Odor- If you've noticed an increase in body odor, bad breath, or bad smelling gas, then this is another sign that your system is getting too backed up with toxic material. This might come on gradually but it usually will increase until you get things cleaned out and moving along.

4) Skin issues- Remember I said that the skin is a detoxification organ.  It helps to release the things we don't use through sweating.  It also ends up being a place where "stuff" is deposited that can't get out.  If you have any issues with breakouts, acne, psoriasis, or rosacea, it's a clear call that something unwanted is getting into your body...and your body has nowhere else to put it except your skin.  It could also be a direct inflammatory reaction of your body trying to fight the offending agent.

Alright, Dr. Kyia...so what do I do about it??  It's really simple actually and that's to remove the offending agents!!  Take away the things that are causing the issue...Number 1.  Number 2 is to help your liver, skin, kidneys, and bowels force out all of the inflammation and residual toxins that have gotten stuck. You can do this through food and supplements.  

If you are doing a detox correctly, you should be seeing results almost immediately because your body knows how to heal and what to do when we "get out of the way."  You shouldn't have to suffer or through extreme measures in order to successfully detox either.  This is what I help people to do!  I dedicate most of my work to this because it's the NUMBER 1 way I've been able to help people CURE their diabetes, skin problems, fatigue, stuck weight, menopausal symptoms and MORE!  

If you'd like to come along with me...yes, I'm detoxing right now :-)...and start feeling absolutely different within a month, then please check out my program.  Drop me a line if you have questions and here's to a healthy, vibrant, energetic LIFE!!