Hi there!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your life.  Let me introduce myself.

I am a board certified ob/gyn who is committed to integrating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of health.  I completed my medical training at the University of Maryland and completed Ob/Gyn specialized training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.  I am also a member of the Academy For Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and have done extensive study in functional and integrative medicine.  In addition to gaining expertise in the "traditional" and "integrative" medicine modalities, I have studied and become certified in a variety of energy healing modalities including Reiki, Thetahealing, Matrix Energetics, Magnified Healing,  Reconnective Healing, and Divine Openings.

Why am I so qualified to teach you and guide you in your health journey?  Well, like many of you, I was completely burnt out after my medical residency.  It was during this time that I noticed weight gain, overwhelming fatigue, mood swings, and a general feeling of "blah!"  I also realized that I didn't want to treat myself with the same medications that I was prescribing to patients and this was WAY out of integrity for me.  I was very close to retiring from medicine until I started exploring other healing methods.  I needed to find something for myself and my patients that would cure disease rather than putting a band-aid over it.    I clearly recognized the gaps within the traditional medicine modality and began exploring ways to treat the entire person, taking into consideration the emotional and spiritual aspects of health. 

Even as my career evolved, despite my bag of tricks in my practice including surgery and integrative methods, I noticed that there were some patients who never became "well" and continued to suffer the same symptoms despite having an organ removed, starting   medication, or initiating herbal and alternative therapies. I have come to realize that the missing piece of the puzzle involved identifying the root cause of disease.  Unless this is addressed, issues simply re-manifest or never resolve or worse, you just keep adding medication after medication to treat symptoms..never getting to the root cause. 

My mission is to assist people to "remember" who they really are, which is much more than our physical bodies.  As we heal all aspects of ourselves, our bodies and lives come into balance and flow more harmoniously. 
 I take a natural approach to dealing with common illnesses such as allergies, fatigue, menstrual complaints, sexual issues, and depression.  I encourage fun and relaxation and although I give lots of "homework," I expect the process to be fun and cooperative!

Join me now for an adventure in health and wellness!  Life should be fulfilling and I will help you get there!!


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What People Have To Say:

"Before seeing Dr. Kyia, I was on over 15 different medications for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. These were barely keeping my symptoms under control and I was getting sicker every year. My primary doctor told me that I was going to have to stay on these prescriptions for my whole life! I knew there had to be a better way. Dr. Kyia put me on a complete detox and within a month...literally 1 month...I was sleeping better and a lot of my pain had gone away. I stuck with the plan because it was working better than anything I had ever experienced and I can now say that I only take 2 prescriptions, I have more energy that I can even remember having and I've lost a lot of weight in the process. I went from no hope and thinking I was going to be on medication forever to feeling happy, only 2 medications and feeling myself again within 6 months! If you have any doubts, leave them at the door and join this program...you won't regret it! Thank you Dr. Kyia" - Heather, private patient



"I have had Hashimoto's and rheumatoid arthritis for many years and had been seeing an endocrinologist. I was on large doses of thyroid medications and other prescriptions to prevent my rheumatoid flares. After visiting with Dr. Kyia, the first thing she did was put me on a detox, cleaning up my eating and adding in some natural supplements. When we got my labs retested about 3 months later, my rheumatoid numbers were decreasing and I had to decrease my thyroid medication. I've continued following the plan and I'm on the lowest dose of thyroid medication EVER. My endocrinologist can't even believe it. They've been just giving me medications year after year and now, I don't even need the "flare-up" medications" - Susan

6 month update - "Just wanted to let you know that the "rheumatoid" numbers are negative! I never thought I'd be able to cure an autoimmune disease but it's gone!! I feel so grateful that I found functional medicine and you. I'm happier, I feel good in my body and I have so much more energy! Thank you!"


"I have never experienced the care and attention from a physician the way I did with Dr. Nichols!"

D.S., Maine


Dr. Nichols is fantastic!!!!
"I went to see Dr. Nichols a few weeks ago for severe mood and energy disturbances related to my monthly cycle. Dr. Nichols "prescribed" a nutrition approach to my problem and suggested numerous herbal therapies to try. I have noticeable improvement in my sleep and ability to concentrate. After almost 15 years of suffering, I now think I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!”
A.H., Maryland


"I honestly thought that doing a "reset" would be restrictive and hard to do. I really love my coffee and I enjoy food! Little did I know how wrong I was. I was able to eat a LOT and I still lost weight. Plus I'm sleeping better and my husband isn't complaining about my extra "energy" and motivation in the bedroom..haha!! I have to thank Dr. Kyia for taking the time to educate me on the importance of healthy lifestyle and making sure that I had the support to make it stick. Run, don't walk if you're thinking of joining any of her programs. She is the REAL deal. She is honest and open and you can really tell how much she cares about you as an individual. I've NEVER met a doctor like her!"

Terry C.Total Body Reset Participant, San Diego