Do you feel called to Go deeper into your healing with dr.kyia?

For the past 12 years, Dr. Markyia Nichols has been leading committed clients on a journey of transformation intended to dive deep into the root cause of any stuck health and wellness problems and alleviate suffering from the inside out.  She feels that helping people to feel their absolute best is her true purpose and this in turn allows her clients to step fully, authentically, courageously, and unapologetically into their authentic fulfilling lives. She is also passionate about helping people to uncover their true purpose in life, which requires attuning to spiritual guidance in a way that leaves you receptive to instructions, as if you’re following breadcrumbs on a mysterious cosmic scavenger hunt that leads to deep fulfillment, inner freedom, and true purpose.

During the next 6 months of VIP intensive coaching, You Can Prepare the Ground For:

  • Uncovering and alleviating the root cause of your health challenge
  • Beginning to use stress as a sounding board for deeper healing and transformation
  • Walking the path of finding and fulfilling your true calling.
  • Uplifting the world and help others step into their truest selves.
  • Deepening your healing process and your spiritual journey
  • Cultivating the faith and courage to surrender to the mysteries of love and life.
  • Doing the deep transformational work that will help you eliminate the self-sabotaging patterns that interfere with your healing.
  • Discovering your natural gifts and learning how to bring your gifts to the world in a way that nourishes everyone involved.
  • Preparing yourself in all ways to serve love on this planet as only you will.

Join Us for the 2018 VIP Intensive Mentoring Program with Healer, Author, & Functional medicine expert dr.markyia nichols aka dr.kyia

Thank you for reaching out and showing interest in the 6 month intensive we are offering to a few special clients. If you’re like most of the people I’ve worked with one-on-one, you probably have a strong sense that you’re here on earth at this exciting time in history for a reason, and this reason has something to do with helping the planet, healing others, and participating in the shift in consciousness that is currently underway. You sense that there’s something more for you during this lifetime, something you’ve been preparing for your whole life, and your ability to fully live out this possibly unspecified purpose feels increasingly urgent. Yet you may feel frustrated with the challenges you’ve faced trying to realize this purpose.  You perhaps have a health or wellness challenge that you feel is keeping you from realizing the things that you long to do on a daily basis...or in life in general.  

If You’re on This Healing Path, You May Feel Like:

  • You KNOW that you are tired of not feeling your best and you are committed to making the lifestyle changes necessary to get out of suffering.
  • You’re committed to your spiritual path and your growth as a human being. 
  • You sense that all of our systems—our medical system, our legal system, our economic system, our political system, our education system, our corporate system—have been corrupted by the out of balance patriarchy and you are ready to take back your own power
  • You get the feeling that you have blind spots that are sabotaging your efforts to experience true healing and wellness, and you’re ready to do the work on getting out of your own way.


This Unique Six-Month Mentoring Program Offers You:

  • The opportunity to have Dr. Kyia work with you in a Doctor-Patient Relationship if desired for the course of 6 months.
  • The opportunity to mentor with someone who have navigated the challenges of our dysfunctional health care system and has received advanced training in a holistic way of medicine designed to address YOU as a complete person.
  • A way to pick the brain of someone who can help you clarify your vision and your purpose
  • Psychological and spiritual guidance to help free you from any limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, or core wound that are coming between you and your vision.
  • Support in honing in on how to make a healthy lifestyle a habit in a way that uplifts you and is sustainable and fun.
  • Spiritual counseling that will help orient you to a more enlightened way to bring your vision into being by aligning with Divine Will rather than forcing your ego’s will
  • Support with the inevitable challenges that tend to accompany deep transformational inner work.


This Program Is for You If:

  • You’ve had it with all the crap that has kept you getting in your own way (no offense!).
  • You’re ready to do whatever it takes in order to heal yourself and fulfill your purpose.
  • You’re prepared to let go of limiting beliefs, victim mentality, small-minded thinking, old stories, and childhood patterns so you can do what you must to become who you are at your Essence.
  • You’re willing to get uncomfortable, knowing that any discomfort is meant to wake you up and uplift you.
  • You’re willing to bust through your upper limit blocks that keep you from true pleasure, fulfillment, and receptivity to Divine support, abundance, community, and unconditional love.
  • You’re finally ready to devote yourself to your own unique and authentic  journey as you commit yourself to the healing path.
  • You’re willing to surrender all of your desires to Divine Will and trust that whatever is in the highest good will come into being (this is not about being passive!).
  • You’ve even turned over to Divine Will your desire to participate in this program—and all signs so far are giving you the HELL YES!


We Know You Are Really Investing in Results

I understand that you might be curious about the kinds of outcomes you can expect from this program. You will be in charge of what we cover in this program, so it’s hard to predict exactly what you’ll get out of it. But here’s a sampling of issues we’ve covered with other clients:


  • Clarifying your calling with the intention of also taking the pressure off or feeding your “not enough” wounds.
  • Freeing yourself from whatever might be holding you back from going after your visionary dream.
  • Brainstorming ways to monetize your vision.
  • Getting out of your own way, identifying limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs, and overcoming fear, anxiety, and worry so you can step into your visionary dreams.


  • A deeper connection to your “Inner Guidance” (that 100% authentic, inner healer, always-lit, never-extinguished, Divinely-guided, freak-flag-flying spark of the Divine within you).
  • Tools for tapping into co-creative energy in service to your vision.
  • Opening up a clear channel between you and a Higher Power.
  • Skills for noticing and interpreting Signs from the Universe.
  • The gift of surrender (being able to set goals but release attachment to outcomes and trust the process).
  • Skills for dissociating from the fears that hold you back.
  • Freedom to feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • Peace while taking leaps of faith.
  • Trust that whatever happens, it is for the highest good and does not equal failure.


  • Knowledge, inspiration, and guidance that will help you give birth to whatever within you is longing to be born.
  • Free-flowing creativity flowing from Source that will help you write, paint, sculpt, design, make, vision, and manifest your creative aspirations.
  • Creativity-enhancing “Inner Guidance” practices that will open up your creative superpowers (since the Divine within you is really where all creative genius comes from).
  • Tools for overcoming creative blocks when you get stuck.


  • Healing the underlying root causes of your health challenge
  • More energy, vitality, stamina and Joie De Vive for life
  • Menopausal/pre-menopausal symptom relief
  • Tips for boosting your energy so you have the stamina to achieve your visionary dreams
  • Tools for Healing Yourself
  • The peaceful sleep that accompanies knowing you’re living your life on purpose.



  • Happier mood.
  • Freedom from fear, depression, and anxiety.
  • Relief from irritability.
  • The ability to feel whatever you feel—happy, sad, angry, frustrated, blissful, melancholy—so the feelings can pass through you without getting stuck.
  • Sharper mental focus and memory.
  • Freedom from circular thoughts that spiral you down.


  • Support as you deal with relationship challenges that arise as you walk your visionary path.
  • Tools for being more authentic in your relationships.
  • Skills for keeping your heart open
  • Skills for balancing visionary life with family life.
  • The ability to see others with “Magical Eyes” (seeing past the masks we all wear to witness the whole, healed, perfect spirit of a person).
  • The courage to free yourself from emotional vampires who suck you dry.
  • The confidence to attract the love of your life—or transform the relationship you’re already in.


  • Practices for deepening sexual intimacy with a partner.
  • Better connection with what turns you on.
  • Assistance with any sexual health issues that are keeping you from tapping into the sexual source of power that can fuel visionary dreams.
  • Skills for improving your sex life in a way that is genuinely authentic to you (and doesn’t even require a partner!).

This Program Is NOT for You If:

  • You're not ready to take charge of your own health
  • You're not willing to do the inner work in order to see real, massive change
  • You’re not open to a spiritual approach to healing.
  • You’re not yet ready—for whatever reason—to the do the deep work that will be required in order to fulfill your purpose (timing is everything and there’s no shame in knowing you’re not ready yet).
  • You’re not interested in being open and vulnerable about your challenges.
  • You think anything spiritual or woo-woo can't be helpful (It's okay to be a little skeptical, but you must be open)


You have a choice about how you live the rest of your life.

Your Healing depends on you stepping fully into what you're called to do.

If you are selected as one of the 6 month intensive Mentoring Program clients, your commitment to showing up bodily, mentally, energetically, and spiritually are integral to your success.

This is not for someone who does things half-assed. You’ll be asked to commit all the way, full IN—and that’s not always easy.

This mentoring relationship is a commitment, on the part of the programs leaders, as well as on your part. We are entering into a sacred contract together that is capable of radically changing not just your health, but your whole life.

But let us be clear. It’s not going to be all roses and violets. Yes, I will hold you in nurturing arms of unconditional love so you feel safe to enter into places where you might feel scared to tread. I’m going to hold you accountable so that at the end of our six months of gestating together, we all look back at where we started and say “WOW! Look what we accomplished together!” My goal is to truly facilitate genuine transformation in a way that goes way beyond just the physical healing. This program, at its core, is a spiritual journey. It can be hard-core. It’s badass. You’re likely to get butterflies and feel scared, but hopefully, it’s the diving into a crystalline pool in Hawaii from a high perch on a lava rock kind of fear, the kind that leaves you a bit queasy but makes you holler, “I’m going in!”

In order to facilitate big change, I’m going to ask big things of you—big, revolutionary things that may have been too scary in the past, or too tough to do alone, radical things that might make you feel tempted to run for the hills. But you will not be alone in your attempt to accomplish these goals. We will be there to facilitate this journey, the one you know you’re finally ready to take. We’ll be right by your side, giving you the support, encouragement, and strength you need in order to get what you really want out of life.

If you’re not ready to commit revolutionary acts of greatness and put 1000% of your energy and resources toward committing to your healing and your true purpose, opening your mind and your heart to new ways of thinking and being, being willing to break out of your comfort zone, stepping fully into being who I KNOW you can become, and turning yourself over as a vessel for Divine work in the world, please save the spots for those who are. 


Why Is Dr.Kyia Leading this Program?

You may or may not know, but 5 years into my private practicing, after all of the time, money, and hard work it took to finish medical school and residency training, I almost retired from medicine.  I was burnt out and frustrated by our medical system.  I knew in a MAJOR way that I was called to be a teacher and healer, but the Western Medicine paradigm wasn't fitting my dreams of doing that well.  Seeing 40 patients a day and not learning much about any of them was NOT what I signed up for.   I enjoyed being a physician and having the capability to impact people within the medical model but I felt constricted by the system and even fearful of being ostracized if I stepped out of the box.

Well, what did I do?  I couldn't NOT break free.  I had to heal myself first and then search for a more effective way of helping people to heal completely, fully, not just one body part at a time.  Although I didn't completely retire, I switched gears and invested even MORE time and thousands upon thousands of dollars to pursue advanced training in Functional Medicine.  Interestingly, this was ALL of the material I had learned back in medical school that had gotten pushed aside once I got into the hospital.  This wasn't new or controversial material.  On the contrary, it was scientific, it was basic physiology.  I have no idea how "we" as traditional doctors lost our way once we got into practice except that habitual thinking, hospital politics and the constraints of managed care fuzzied the science.  Pharmaceutical companies taunted us with gifts of this or that and insurance companies demanded we see people in 10 minute slots in order to pay the bills.  Health care wasn't about healing anymore...BUT I finally felt free again, to pursue the passion I was great at and that really helped people heal their underlying issues. 

I didn't stop there though.  In my pursuit of my own healing, not only did I "find" Functional Medicine, a field that MANY medical doctors like me who are yearning for deeper healing of their patients are moving into, but I also researched and discovered other ways of healing that had NOTHING to do with supplements, pills, and surgeries.  One of the first was acupuncture, which helped to cure a 4 year history of insomnia after my medical residency.  In my exploration, I discovered other subtle energy techniques and powerful tools utilizing the one thread that underlies everything...ENERGY!!

I became certified in Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Matrix Energetics and Divine Openings.  Each stage of my life has deepened and progressed as I incorporate my "healing hands" into my practice.  My intuition has become so fine tuned that I can now speak with someone or hear them discuss their "issue" and know deep within what is at the root cause.  I can then use any and all tools in my "toolbox" to help that person to heal.  

My mission currently (as our visions change as we grow) is to help people to heal, not just in physical health, but in all areas of their lives.  It's really important to have a healthy body to accomplish what we need but it's more important to have a healthy mind and soul to have far reaching effects on our friends, families, and those we are here to serve.  Plus, I realize that the body is simply a mirror...of our thoughts, behaviors and patterns and as we release the underlying disharmony, our bodies usually come into harmony with the new way of being. 

So, just know that as my journey has steadily unfolded, so too will yours.  The only requirement is a deep trust in yourself and the commitment to yourself to stay and remain open to possibilities.  I look forward to supporting you in your journey of true healing from the inside out!!


The 6 month intensive Program Is by APPLICATION ONLY. To Be Considered as a Mentoring Client:

FIRST . . . please fill out an application. While filing an application does not commit you to participating in this program, it does express your interest and allow us both to better understand whether this is the right fit for you and us.

SECOND . . . IF your application is accepted, you will be personally invited to set up an interview by Dr.Kyia's assistant.

THIRD . . . qualified applicants will be personally interviewed by Dr. Kyia before the clients are selected. Each application will be carefully reviewed, and if it looks like a potential match, you will be scheduled for a personal phone interview. Don’t worry! You can’t do this wrong. Trust that the interview process just helps us select the Divinely-aligned perfect clients for this round, and if you’re not selected this time, we may do it again one day. So please trust the process and don’t be nervous.

NOTE: The program enrollment is first come, first serve. Please don’t delay. We have filled the program for the past year and don’t want you to miss out if this program feels aligned for you, please respond as soon as you can.

What You’ll Receive as a 6 month Intensive Mentoring Client:

  • A full service, in-person, personalized, anything-goes  VIP day in the Maryland Area with Dr.Kyia. VIP Days occur within a month of being accepted into the program. In order to establish a doctor-patient relationship, you will need to have an in person history and physical (if you would like her to be able to prescribe any bio-identical hormones you may need).  You’ll arrive in the Maryland area the day before the Big Day, where you’ll be met by a driver who will escort you to your luxury hotel so you can catch some R&R before we meet. Before your big day, we will ask you to get clear on what you hope to achieve during the day, so we can tailor the day to your particular needs. We’ll have our vision for what is possible for you, but this is YOUR day to structure however you desire. We’ll be at your service. On the day itself, you'll meet with Dr. Kyia at 9am for some 1-on1 time to structure your goals for the 6 months.  You'll spend the better part of the morning brainstorming, learning about each other and personalizing your specific plan. We’ll break for a yummy lunch together, and then spend some luxury time during the afternoon at the spa, and end with dinner together. By the end of the day, you’ll have a very clear visionary action plan, so you’ll know exactly where to get started when you get back home.  Your hotel for 2 nights and your spa day are included in the package. *You will be responsible for: Air transportation to Maryland, any extra room service. 
  • Five 50-minute phone sessions with Dr. Kyia (Completed within 6 months).. one per month.
  • Complete blood, hormone, gut and food sensitivity testing to be completed prior to the VIP day
  • Complete blood and hormone testing to be completed after Total Body Reset, usually between months 5 and 6
  • Prescriptions necessary for any bio-identical hormones desired. *Note: you must have recent pap and mammogram testing completed within the last 1-2 years in order to receive any hormonal prescriptions.  Prescriptions will be tweaked and personalized for you throughout the program to ensure you have a full year's supply by the end of your time together with Dr. Kyia.  You will be invited to either re-initiate concierge membership with Dr. Kyia for additional refills OR we will help you find a suitable functional medicine physician in your area. 
  • Initial 1 month supply of any supplements you need based on your blood work and testing. 
  • Access to Total Body Reset (if not taken yet) including a detox kit
  • Eight weekly group coaching calls while completing Total Body Reset
  • Access to a private forum  just for participants in Total Body Reset.
  • Email access to Dr. Kyia  for questions that come up in between coaching sessions.
  • 2 nights Luxury Room for your VIP day.
  • Car Service Transportation to/from BWI airport.
  • Lunch and dinner on your VIP day.
  • Spa service on your VIP day.

PLEASE NOTE: Airfare and/or transportation to Baltimore, Maryland (BWI airport) is not included.

Program Bonuses

Bonus #1 Total Body Reset Program

This 8-week program is designed to give your body the kick start required to start clearing our underlying inflammation and toxins. You can read more about the program at  You will also be invited to participate in the weekly calls that occur as part of the group program so that you develop a habit of eating and thinking that allows your body to naturally rejuvenate itself ($10,000 value currently priced at $997)

Bonus #2
Concierge, Personalized Service—You will literally be able to put Dr. Kyia on speed dial.  You will receive priority email access as well as Dr. Kyia's private number so that you can feel free to text her when anything comes up, whether it be a question, a challenge, or a win. If you need a 15-minute laser coaching session at ANY time within the six months, you will have priority scheduling so that you can get your questions answered, figure out your next step, or just get some extra support!! (Priceless value)

Bonus #3
6 month Membership in the Bring Your Orgasm Back Group when developed and launched.  You will have first access to this fun, energetic platform designed to ignite the "Orgasm" for Life and keep it going!!

Please, Only Apply for the 6 month Intensive Mentoring Program If:

  • You will be FIERCE about FOLLOWING YOUR INTUITION, TRUSTING YOUR SPIRITUAL SUPERPOWERS, SURRENDERING TO A HIGHER POWER, AND TAKING INSPIRED ACTION towards your healing intentions, even if it might feel scary at times (in a giddy, butterflies-in-your- stomach, exciting way).
  • You are willing to be DECISIVE, SEEK (AND SPEAK) YOUR TRUTH, and CLAIM what you want out of this one wild and precious life.
  • You’re willing and able to FULLY commit to your own health personal growth. You will not achieve the results we know are possible for you unless you show up fully, ask for support when you need it, and follow through on the actions steps we’ll co-create for you.
  • You’re willing to be OPEN-MINDED, OPEN-HEARTED, and TRY NEW IDEAS and experiences that will help you grow.

Bonus #4

Private Session with Dr. Kyia's personal life coach.  Spend some time with Michelle Bodycombe who Dr. Kyia refers to as a Buddha in a body. Michelle will help you to clarify your dreams, step into new possibilities and hold space for you to experience deep inner healing.  (Value -$500)

Bonus #5

Personalized nutrition consult and planning with Dr. Kyia's staff nutrition expert Marlies.  Marlies will speak with you via phone or email, learn about your particular food and eating preferences and customize a plan for you and your family including meal plans and grocery lists.  (Value- $1000)




Your Investment In Yourself

**This personalized, profound, life-changing program is valued at $25,000 but you can save $2,000 by paying $23,000 in full upon acceptance into the program.

Payment Plan 1 (Monthly Payment Plan): $5,000 deposit upon acceptance, followed by 5 monthly payments of $4,000 on the 4th of each month (or based on your enrollment into the program).

Payment Plan 2 (One Pay Plan):  $23,000 upon acceptance into the program.
*You Save $2,000

Simply indicate on your application the plan that works for you, and we will take care of the rest


THE WORLD NEEDS YOU happy and healthy!!

I trust your inner guidance. Maybe it’s saying, “Not yet” or “Not ever,” and that’s OK. But if your Inner Guidance is screaming, “YES! THIS IS WHAT I NEED RIGHT NOW!” then the next step is easy. Just request and fill out the application, sign it and email it to

You can find a copy of the application HERE as well!!

This six-month program has the power to change your life forever, but only if you say YES when you sense that this is aligned for you. Are you ready?

With love and faith in your journey,

Dr. Kyia